Drenda Cooper

Obituary of Drenda D. Cooper

This prose is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Drenda Cooper.  A wonderful mother and dedicated wife.  Her, along with husband, Mike, worked as the perfect team; raising their two boys, Chris and Teddy.  Instilling into them proper values in a loving family environment.

Drenda possessed a very pleasant, vivacious, and creative personality. (See poem below.)  Born in Columbia on September 5, 1945, she spent part of her childhood living in downtown Charleston.  A city that had a special place in her heart.  Later in life she would live here again.  She was a smart and focused student which served her well at Brookland Cayce High School and USC.  Graduating early, she worked her way through Pharmacy School; graduating in 1970.  Soon, she gave birth to her two sons, Chris and Teddy.  She then worked as a respected community pharmacist, working for Revco Drugs and state agencies, DHEC and DMH. 

Once more, she and Mike moved to Charleston for a few years while working with DHEC.  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  She continued to live her life to the fullest with a surgically implanted brain device.  A decision was made to move back to West Columbia to be closer to Columbia.  Her husband, Mike, honorably devoted his life to taking care of her at their home on the Saluda River.

Drenda was then diagnosed with advanced acute lymphoid leukemia.  She bravely accepted this diagnosis and was surrounded by her family to the end.  She is survived by her husband, Mike; sons, Chris and Teddy; her sister, Deb Rish; daughter-in-law, Kelly; and two grandchildren, Devon and Emily.

Reincarnation Inspiration
A Poem By Drenda D. Cooper
May 4, 2000
The last time around, was I dismal and weak,
Did I mourn in the back row, too fearful to speak....
Was I lonely, frustrated, ashamed of myself....
Did I waste a whole lifetime on some dusty shelf....
The last time around did I push, yell, and shove....
Step all over others, put "myself" above....
Was I careless and cruel, or blind to the need....
Of those I might help with just one selfless deed....
This time around have life's lessons been learned....
Is my love freely given, or must still be earned....
Will I need to return yet again to this earth....
To suffer the pangs of a different birth....
This time around have I channeled my "source"....
Steered straight ahead on my life's chosen course....
Has the "veil" hidden truth, kept the mystery deep....
Has the time not arrived that I wake from this sleep....
The next time around may I be allowed....
To remember the past and all that I vowed....
The promises made in that far, yet near, place
In the brilliance of light that is God's holy face. 


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