Tedd  Williams, Jr.

Obituary of Tedd N. Williams, Jr.

Today, we celebrate the life of Tedd Williams - an extraordinary man, a beloved Father and husband. In reflecting on his journey, we are reminded of the profound impact he had on each of us and the legacy he leaves behind.

Tedd was, above all, a man of unwavering faith. His devotion to the Lord was the guiding light of his life, and he made sure that we, his family, not only knew the gospel but felt its warmth and joy in our hearts. He led by example, embodying love, compassion, and grace.

Tedd’s love for his family was boundless. A protector and provider, he worked tirelessly to ensure our well-being. His work ethic was a testament to his commitment, a commitment that extended beyond his professional endeavors to the very core of his role as a father and husband.

Tedd was also a man of high intellect and godly wisdom. His sharp mind navigated the complexities of life with a discerning eye. Yet, he wore his intelligence with humility, always willing to share his knowledge and guide us with thoughtful advice.

Pride swelled within him for his children’s accomplishments, no matter how small. He celebrated our victories as if they were his own, a reflection of his generous spirit. Generosity was not just a trait; it was a way of life for Tedd. He gave of himself freely, both his time and his resources.

We cherished the tales of his adventures with his siblings, stories often infused with mischief and humor. Tedd’s ability to be both serious and funny, many times simultaneously, was a gift that brought joy to all who knew him. He never took himself too seriously, allowing humor to be a constant companion on our family journey.

A Marine through and through, Tedd exemplified toughness. In the face of challenges, he instilled in us the strength to persevere, never allowing us to quit when the going got tough. His resilience was a beacon of inspiration, yet, in his strength, he was also tender. He assured us that, no matter what, we would always be loved, taken care of, and welcome. He wasn't just our dad, he was our friend, a steadfast supporter who loved us fiercely and stood in our corner, no matter what.

His door was always open for heartfelt conversations. We could go to him with anything on our minds, knowing that he would listen and guide us the best he could. In those moments, he revealed not just the strength of a father but the compassion of a friend.

As we mourn the loss of Tedd and the tears flow for our earthly separation, we find solace in the celebration and unspeakable joy of his reunion with Jesus in heaven.

There are not enough words or time to express the depth of our gratitude for the gift of his presence in our lives. As we remember and honor him, let us carry forward the faith he exemplified, the love he bestowed, and the courageous spirit that defined his remarkable life.

We love you, Dad. And we eagerly look forward to the day when we’ll meet again in glory.


Funeral Service

2:00 pm
Friday, December 1, 2023
Fort Jackson National Cemetery
4170 Percival Road
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
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